Casting Your Ballot

The Union Election is here!

Check Your Mailbox For Your Ballot

  • The National Labor Relations Board (“NLRB”) will mail election ballots to eligible voters’ home addresses on Monday, November 25.
  • If you do not receive a ballot by Monday, December 2, please contact the NLRB Regional Office immediately at 410-962-2822 or the national toll-free line at 1-844-762-6572. 

This Will Be a Secret Ballot Election

  • The election will be conducted by secret ballot via U.S. mail, under the supervision of the NLRB.
  • Your vote in the election will be strictly confidential.

Be Sure To Fill Out Your Ballot Correctly

  • A majority of the valid ballots cast will determine the results of the election. Accordingly, the success of our union organizing drive depends on you voting YES to representation by the Washington-Baltimore News Guild and mailing your ballot back to the NLRB.
  • Be sure to follow ALL instructions on the ballot. To be sure your ballot is counted, you must (1) complete the ballot; (2) sign the yellow self-addressed envelope; and (3) mail the envelope back to the NLRB (no postage necessary). 
  • The NLRB will count the ballots at 3 PM ET on Monday, December 16. In order to be counted, ballots must be received in the NLRB prior to the counting of the ballots. Accordingly, we encourage you to put your ballot in the mail no later than Wednesday, December 11

Sample Ballots

Non-Lawyers and other “Non-Professionals” (i.e., employees in Voting Group B) will receive the below ballot. To vote YES, mark an “X” in the square under the word “YES.”

Lawyers and other “Professionals” (i.e., employees in Voting Group A) will receive the below ballot. 

  • Under Federal labor law, attorneys and other employees whose job requires specialized or advanced training or education must affirmatively choose to be included in the same bargaining unit as paralegals, administrative assistants, and other “non-professionals.” 
  • One of the major principles of this union organizing drive is that we are STRONGER TOGETHER. 
  • Accordingly, we ask that you vote YES twice, by marking an “X” in the square under the word “YES” in response to both questions.

How Many YES Votes Do We Need to Win?

If the SPLC Union wins a majority (50% plus one) of the votes, the Washington-Baltimore News Guild becomes the certified representative for the SPLC Union. 


Please review the SPLC Union’s website for answers to frequently asked questions.

Election instructions can also be found in the NLRB’s Election Notice.

Still have a question? Contact the Union Organizing Committee at [email protected].

Forward together!