In Defense of Black Lives

Members of the SPLC Union are grieving after yet another weekend of state-sponsored and sustained violence against Black lives in Louisiana and Wisconsin. Our hearts go out to the families of 31-year old Trayford Pellerin from Lafayette, LA, and 29-year old Jacob Blake from Kenosha, WI. May Mr. Pellerin rest in power. 

The family of Mr. Blake has confirmed that he is in stable condition and now paralyzed from the waist down. Mr. Blake, and his children who witnessed the police officer’s attempted murder, will now live with a permanent physical and emotional reminder of this act of violence.


We demand accountability for their very public lynchings, and for all of those that have come before them. 

It’s been 166 days since the police murdered Breonna Taylor in her own home. So far in 2020, the police have killed at least 751 people across the country. We refuse to wait any longer. Enough is enough.

We are so tired, but we stand firm in our commitment to our Black colleagues and loved ones. The SPLC Union is led by Black Womxn who organized our workplace in pursuit of equity and a shared desire to confront the threat of white supremacy. We are with you. We are heartbroken. 

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