It’s Time to Elect a Bargaining Committee

To SPLC Union Members:

It’s time to elect a Bargaining Committee! 
What’s the Bargaining Committee?
The Bargaining Committee will play a crucial role in negotiating our contract with SPLC. The Bargaining Committee is responsible for reviewing the bargaining unit survey results and will determine the Committee’s priorities based on the results. They will perform research, formulate contract proposals, and work to maintain communication and exchange of information to and from the entire bargaining unit. 
Serving on the Bargaining Committee will require a significant commitment of energy, work, and time. The collective bargaining process may take several months or more. 
The Nomination Process
In the coming weeks, members of the SPLC Union Organizing Committee who have decided to not self-nominate or accept nominations for the Bargaining Committee will administer the election of the Bargaining Committee. 
The nomination period will begin on January 20, 2020 at 8 AM CT and end on January 24, 2020 at 5 PM CT. Any bargaining unit-eligible staff person can nominate themselves or another bargaining unit-eligible staff person. We will email the link to the nomination form to all bargaining unit-eligible staff on the morning of Monday, January 20, 2020. The election will start the following Monday at 8 AM CT and end at 5 PM CT on January 31, 2020. 
To self-nominate or nominate someone else, submit the nomination form. Bargaining unit members may self-nominate or be nominated to represent only one department or office location. Bargaining unit-eligible staff persons who are nominated by another colleague will be asked to accept or reject the nomination.
For a detailed breakdown of the entire election process, please see this document. 
The SPLC Union is deeply committed to anti-racism and encourages staff of color, especially women of color, to self-nominate and/or accept a nomination. All nominees will be required to sign a union authorization card if they haven’t already, submit a two-hundred and fifty (250) word or less statement to be distributed to the bargaining unit, and pledge to uphold the core values and principles under which the SPLC Union was founded.

Upcoming Meetings
During the nomination period, the SPLC Organizing Committee will host a bargaining unit meeting on the week of January 20th (stay tuned for the date and time). The meeting will be recorded and accessible via Zoom. During the meeting, we will discuss the collective bargaining process, the Bargaining Committee’s duties and responsibilities, and the role of bargaining unit-eligible staff. 
In Conclusion
We look forward to engaging with all bargaining unit members in the coming weeks to elect a strong Bargaining Committee and to continue to build a robust community among the unit. Once the Bargaining Committee has negotiated a collective bargaining agreement, all bargaining unit-eligible staff will vote to ratify or reject the agreement. Once the contract is ratified, we will actively work together to make it “ours” and effective. 
The power of the SPLC Union comes from bargaining unit staff!