Union Victory

The NLRB has completed the ballot count!  

The SPLC Union Organizing Committee is pleased to announce that a majority of staff voted IN FAVOR of representation by the Washington-Baltimore News Guild.

As of today, staff who are eligible to be in the bargaining unit are no longer at-will employees. You are now just-cause employees. 

From the beginning of this Union organizing drive, our values and principles have been clear:
We believe in the power of collective bargaining. 
We believe in equal rights, respect and dignity for all workers.
We are committed to creating a more equitable, just, diverse and inclusive workplace. 
We are committed to anti-racism and acknowledge union organizing as a tool in dismantling systems of white supremacy in the workplace. 
We believe in workplace democracy and recognize union organizing as a tool to ensure a participatory decision-making system.
We are committed to economic justice and recognize union organizing as a tool to secure fair wages. 
We are committed to gender equity and recognize union organizing as a tool to ensure a workplace free of discrimination, including sexual harassment and transphobia. 
We are committed to disability rights and recognize union organizing as a tool to create an accessible work environment. 
We are committed to immigrant justice and recognize union organizing as a tool to ensure no worker is disadvantaged, regardless of their national origin.

Over the past nine months, we’ve worked together to build a diverse coalition of staff in varying positions, from all departments, and in every office – who are similarly committed to these values and principles. 

Together, we collected union authorization cards from a supermajority of staff – and today we won the union election by an overwhelming majority, 142 to 45. 

Now, it’s time to get to the hard work of building a Union and negotiating a collective bargaining contract that works for benefit of all employees.  

In the coming days, the Union Organizing Committee will communicate with the bargaining unit regarding the staff survey and election of the Bargaining Committee. Please keep an eye on your personal emails.  

Finally, the Union Organizing Committee would like to thank everyone who volunteered to assist the Committee with the organizing drive. We could not have won this election without you. The Organizing Committee also recognizes the work of six emeritus members, many members of office outreach committees, and the staff who have been laying the groundwork for this movement for many years. 

Forward together,   
Cheyenne Blackburn
Cameron Clark
Danielle E. Davis
Esteban Gil
Raven Hodges
Elizabeth Johnson
Anya Malley
Jeff Migliozzi
Sumayya Saleh
Marlon Torres
Oliver Torres
Gracie Willis
Lisa Wright 
The SPLC Union Organizing Committee