We Are the SPLC Union, and We Are Asking for Your Vote

Dear Colleague,

On Monday, December 16, the National Labor Relations Board will count our ballots. We ask that you vote YES to representation by the Washington-Baltimore News Guild

Together, we have worked side-by-side to fight hate, teach tolerance and seek justice. Working to root out hatred and injustice has required us to face head-on, the inequities that plague our society. Unfortunately, we have also experienced many of these inequities in our workplace. Despite the challenges we have endured, we can have a better Southern Poverty Law Center. 

From the beginning, the SPLC Union’s values and principles have been clear:

  • We believe in the power of collective bargaining. 
  • We believe in equal rights, respect and dignity for all workers.
  • We are committed to creating a more equitable, just, diverse and inclusive workplace. 
  • We are committed to anti-racism and acknowledge union organizing as a tool in dismantling systems of white supremacy in the workplace. 
  • We believe in workplace democracy and recognize union organizing as a tool to ensure a participatory decision-making system.
  • We are committed to economic justice and recognize union organizing as a tool to secure fair wages. 
  • We are committed to gender equity and recognize union organizing as a tool to ensure a workplace free of discrimination, including sexual harassment and transphobia. 
  • We are committed to disability rights and recognize union organizing as a tool to create an accessible work environment. 
  • We are committed to immigrant justice and recognize union organizing as a tool to ensure no worker is disadvantaged, regardless of their national origin. 

These values and principles are more than a vision. They are a blueprint for the new reality we can — and will — co-create together through collective bargaining. 

We will create an organization in which people of color and women get equal pay for equal work; an organization in which transparency and accountability are paramount; an organization in which all employees are paid a living wage that allows them to thrive; an organization that works daily to rid itself of discrimination and bias; an organization that listens to its workers and empowers them to lead; an organization in which line-level staff have a seat at the decision-making table; and an organization in which we are no longer at-will employees, but instead, are just-cause employees.

Collective bargaining will ensure all staff have a voice in determining our working conditions — and in SPLC’s workplace transformation process.  So we ask you: What kind of SPLC do you want to see?

Together, we will usher in a new day at the SPLC, and co-create a workplace that is reflective of our values: disrupting white supremacy, pursuing equity, building solidarity and uniting workers.

We ask that you vote YES. 

Forward together,

The SPLC Union Organizing Committee